Women in Blockchain IWD

Data shows that only 10% of people in Blockchain are women.

Female-led and orientated blockchain communities, with the support of male equality champions, are here to change this!

By increasing the number of women – all types of women from varying backgrounds – taking up a career in both blockchain and tech it provides a breeding ground of innovation, acceptance and increases profit lines.

However there are a range of skill sets required to not only be visible in any space but impactful, and they are the ability to network effectively and present one’s ideas in an attractive way.

In this one-off special 1hr 30-minute online networking session, hosted by Lavinia Osbourne of Women in Blockchain Talks (UK), Thessy Mehrain (USA), Alyze Sam (USA), Victoria Ukpaka (AFRICA) and Lindsay Nuon (USA) will discuss the importance of being visible and how to sharpen your networking and presentation skills.

Join us on Saturday 7th March at 5pm GMT / 6pm CET/WAT / 9am PST / 12 EST

We look forward to seeing you joining us!

Happy International Women’s Day!