TECH(K)NOW Day londonWelcome to the 6th TECH(K)NOW Day London! Join Women in Tech and Women in Startups on Saturday, March 07, from 9am to 5pm.

TECH(K)NOW DAY has been organised to provide a place and venue for anyone who identifies as a woman to go and learn new tech skills (see details below).   If you are a woman in tech or a woman wanting to get into tech, then this is for you.   Back in March this year, we held another TECH(K)NOW Day around International Women’s Day with the theme – #BalanceforBetter.  We will continue on with that theme this March 07!

New to TECH(K)NOW Day?

The following article from 3 attendees from the last TECH(K)NOW Day London might help >>

Tea/Coffee/Pastries/Biscuits will be served for Breakfast (8-9am).  Lunch will also be available as well as Tea/Coffee/Biscuits for the afternoon tea break.


If you do not fit the profile of the target attendees for this Women in Tech event, will you be an ally and help us spread the word about this event, by forwarding a link to this page to someone in your organisation or your circle of friends/influence – who might benefit from attending?   (Or if you do fit the profile but can not make it on the day and know someone who might be interested in attending, please pass the link on.)   Thank you very much!

(Also, we have volunteering opportunities for allies (for different roles) – say coaching at workshops, helping during registration, helping spread the word about the event, etc.  Just email us at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering).

What’s in store?


Throughout the day, there will be a whole range of hands-on workshops available for both –

– complete beginners (for you to explore what’s out there that you could be learning and find out for yourself if coding is for you)

– experienced developers (for you to explore other technologies/languages you might currently not be familiar with, for example – machine learning, AI, graph databases, AngularJS, messaging bots and a whole range of other topics).


There will also be separate tracks for talks, so if you are not in one of the workshops above, you can listen to interesting talks and speakers about

  • Tech topics (current and emerging)
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Diversity / Inclusivity / Unconscious Bias

We particularly want to highlight the talk on Career Development (don’t miss it!), where you’ll learn about

  • Salary negotiation for women (including talks about new regulations coming up on equal pay)
  • Confidently applying for a job you don’t have ALL the skills for (yet)
  • Areas you should consider developing skills in
  • Presenting yourself well in interview
  • How to get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter
  • Re entering the workforce after a break
  • Making your CV stand out


There will be a career hub where experts will be on had to help you – if you want to have one-to-one conversations about the above career development-related topics.

We will also be featuring a number of women-led startups (meaning the founder or one of the co-founders is a woman).    Want a free exhibition space for your startup?   Apply here >>

There will also be a host of companies/organisations on hand to give advice to women who already have a startup or are thinking of getting started up!

WORKSHOP and TALKS – Details to be added soon!

Here is a sample set of workshops we have offered in the past >>

All/Beginners Level
– Beginner HTML/CSS
– iOS/Swift 101
– Android 101
– Introduction to Python
– Introduction to Javascript
– Kotlin Basics: Build a Simple Standalone Sudoku Game App
– Intro to Pair Programming and Test-Driven Development
– Learn Ruby Through Music
– WordPress Development for Beginners

For more experienced developers
– Dealing with Legacy Code (Understanding the code-, Writing a Golden Master, Writing Unit Tests and Refactoring, Introducing new Features)
– Learn GraphQL
– Microsoft Bot Framework Workshop
– Learn how to use Java Streams
– Introduction to Functional Programming in Scala
– Getting Started with WebVR – An Introduction to A-Frame
– State Management with Redux
– Deep Learning with Python
– Machine Learning on iOS
– Learn React
– Learn ReactJS
– Learn WebRTC
– Learn WebGL
– Building a Recommendation System in R
– Building AI applications using Microsoft Cognitive Services
– Building a Conversational App with the Google Assistant

Personal Development
– More Impactful Presentations with the Power of Body Language

Event details:

Date & Time: Saturday, 7 March 2020 from 09:00 to 17:00

Location: The Curtain, 45 Curtain Road, EC2A 3PT London, United Kingdom