As the saying goes “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”

So, this International Women’s Day, join author and mindfulness expert Ali Roff Farrar for a live meditation session via Zoom to celebrate this year’s IWD theme of ‘Equity’.

Studies have shown that practicing self-compassion has the power to improve both our mental and physical health by calming the heart rate and switching off the body’s threat response. This in turn lowers the risk of illness in the body such as reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Ali will talk to us about Equity and how this relates to the meditation. Following this, you will spend a blissful 15 minutes with us in this powerful practice, which will leave you feeling calm, content, and lifting you higher, perfect for refilling your cup.


About Ali

Ali Roff Farrar is a wellness writer, yoga teacher and mindfulness expert. She is passionate about combining the western sciences of psychology, neuroscience and coaching with the Eastern philosophies of meditation, mindfulness and yoga, to cultivate true wellness of body and mind. Her first book ‘The Wellfulness Project‘ (Aster, £16.99) was published in 2020.