WeAreVirtual, Jenny Varley

In this webinar, Jenny Varley, Founder of Flink, will talk all things job sharing and will share tips on how to implement it in the workplace:

We’ll explore:

  • What is job sharing and how can it be transformative?
  • What are the barriers to job sharing?
  • The power of pairs – where to find a potential partner.
  • How can we unlock value – personal and for the business – through the power of pairs?
  • Setting up for success – as employee and manger.



About Jenny:

Jenny VarleyJenny Varley left her Head of Digital Comms job at HSBC after 10 years in 2020, to fix a problem she experience first hand: how to keep women in mid and senior level jobs. Jenny lost talent when she struggled to create effective part-time opportunities at a senior level and herself, suffered from burnout, trying to recover from miscarriages and failed IVF while in a demanding full-time role. Jenny experimented with job sharing as a way to protect the careers and wellbeing of her former team. Jenny launched Flink, an enterprise job share platform powered by machine learning, to make it easy for companies to integrate job sharing into talent strategy.

Jenny’s twenty five year career spans journalism, PR and marketing and employer brand strategy. An exciting hand-break turn early on in Jenny’s career, lead her into location management for the Harry Potter and Bridget Jones film franchises for several years before becoming disillusioned with the lack of women in lead production roles. Jenny has now made it her life’s work to help employers design inclusive jobs at every level and make them easy to share so no one ever has to sacrifice their career and long term income potential when they need to work fewer days.

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