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Look around any workplace and you’ll see women providing the unrecognised, unspoken glue that keeps things going.

They remember people’s birthdays, make the coffee, clear up in the kitchen. They offer emotional support, a listening ear and nurturing. In this webinar Gabriella will explore why this happens, the negative impact it can have, and how we can stop ourselves falling for the age-old traps and support each other to change the narrative.


About Gabriella:

Gabriella Braun is the Director of Working Well, a specialist consultancy firm using psychoanalytic and systemic thinking to help leaders and teams. She has consulted to hundreds of clients including the British Library, RADA, Tate, NHS Trusts, and University of Cambridge. She holds a master’s degree in Consulting to Organisations: Psychoanalytic Approaches from the Tavistock Clinic and was a Principal Consultant in the Tavistock Consultancy Service. Her book, All That We Are: uncovering the hidden truths behind our behaviour at work, came out to critical acclaim last year.