23 Code Street

23 Code Street, a coding school for all women, has announced the launch of their new pilot webinar course starting on the 4th July.

The course has been designed for beginners with no, to very little, previous experience to provide students with a strong foundation in web development- that is, how to build websites and applications for the web. It will be delivered through interactive webinars (online seminars) that will take place once a week. Throughout the rest of the week, students are able to communicate with teachers online through the enterprise chat tool, Slack. As it’s a pilot, the course will be sold at the reduced price of £400.

Women are underrepresented in the UK’s technology scene. According to the Office of National Statistics’ recent figures, in 2017 only 3.9 per cent of tech professionals in the UK were female programmers and software developers.

Going online enables more women to learn to code; the course was created to reach people not in London, people who can’t afford the price tag of the in person course, and those who need to learn remotely due to other responsibilities such as parenthood or travel.

Speaking about the course, Anisah Osman Britton, founder of 23 Code Street, said, “There’s definitely a demand for an online course.”

“Since day one, we’ve been asked to create something that could be accessed remotely.”

“Talent isn’t only found in London- we want all women across the country, and further, to have access to high-quality technical education.”

“The women who do our courses don’t have to or want to, become developers necessarily, but instead want a technical understanding which they can bring to the jobs and industries they work in.”

“Others do it to have control of their own business, and others are on the road to become amazing developers.”

“With a workforce that represents our society, we will have innovation that will serve us all.”

Over the past two years, the school has run in person training courses for 8 cohorts of students who have gone on to have successful careers in various industries.

23 Code Street is a school for those who identify as women and non binary people. To them, culture is Queen and at the centre of everything they do. Moving away from the industry stereotypical culture of ego and competition, they believe in the power of relationships and the importance of peers being a source of knowledge.“Working in a group with just women, we were very supportive of each other and encouraged each other to learn from one another”, says Mina Begum, a graduate from cohort 1.

23 Code Street has a global impact. Part of the fees paid by women on their courses in London pays to teach digital skills to disadvantaged women in the slums of Mumbai.

If you’re interested in learning more and signing up for their new course, please visit www.23codestreet.com/courses
or email [email protected]