Coercive Control: Refuge event

Abuse can happen to anyone, but what can we do when we spot it? Join our expert panel to learn about the red flags of coercive control.

Trigger warning: this event and description discusses domestic violence and abuse

Join AnotherWay Now and Refuge as we explain the red flags of coercive control we can all look out for. Most importantly, we will learn what to do when we spot them, and how we can support Refuge in their work to end domestic abuse.

Our moderator, Ranvir Singh, will be joined by Ruth Davison, Hetti Barkworth-Nanton and a special expert guest (to be announced soon!).

Together, our audience and experts will watch a film screening, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Join us for an evening of film, conversation and education, as we learn what we can do to identify the red flags early and help those who are subject to coercive control in their relationships.

By attending this event, you will be joining the movement for women’s safety, and helping to raise awareness for Refuge’s work.

This event has been curated alongside experts in violence against women and girls. Please consider if this event may be triggering for you, and remember to treat fellow audience members and panellists with respect.

After the event, guests will have the chance to meet and chat with the panellists (see your ticket confirmation for further details).

About Coercive Control

Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse. It often displays as a pattern of controlling behaviour including isolation, gaslighting, intimidation, making humiliating or degrading comments as well as monitoring your time, location and money.

Domestic abuse isn’t always visible.

Abusers will often disguise this behaviour as ‘caring’ and say that they are simply looking out for you but if you feel like you’ve lost your independence or can’t say no, you could be experiencing abuse.

Not all abuse is physical and coercive control IS illegal. If you need support, Refuge has an expert helpline team available 24/7, call for free on 0808 2000 247. Click here for more information.

Coercive Control: Refuge event Meet The Moderator: Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh is an award-winning presenter and former political editor for ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Ranvir has reported across the globe and on the frontline of the crisis, from being the first to write on the Macedonia/Serbian border refugee crisis, to live reporting from the ground as the tragedy of Grenfell unfolded. Ranvir has supported Refuge for several years and was asked to be an ambassador for the charity in early 2022.

Meet The Panellist: Ruth Davison

Ruth Davison leads the Refuge team in their work to end domestic abuse.

Ruth recently made headlines by placing 1071 bad apples outside the Met Police HQ to represent officers linked to violence against women and girls

She has helped launch two major charities – Prince’s Trust International and the Canal & River Trust, the UK’s largest-ever start-up charity. A life-long activist, Ruth has previously served on the boards of Greenpeace UK and Oxfam GB. She is a judge of the UK Charity Awards.

Meet The Panellist: Hetti Barkworth-Nanton

Hetti Barkworth-Nanton became chair of Refuge in 2020.

Hetti is the founder and former Chair of the Joanna Simpson Foundation and, until recently, was a Pioneer at Safe Lives. The Joanna Simpson Foundation was set up after Hetti’s best friend, Joanna Simpson, was killed by her estranged husband. Hetti has a career spanning British Airways, Centrica, BT and Vodafone, leading financial, commercial and transformational change.

Meet The Panellist: Rose Lewis

Rose is a Senior Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor (IDVA), Management and one of the lead trainers for Valerie’s Law training at Sistah Space; a Multi-award-winning charity specialising in supporting African and Caribbean heritage women affected by domestic and sexual abuse.

Sistah Space advocates supports and campaigns for women of African and Caribbean descent. At the heart of our work is the Valerie’s Law campaign: a proposal to tackle domestic abuse specifically among Black communities, through a process of cultural competency training for the UK police force and its related bodies, whilst maintaining the legacy of Valerie Forde.

Who is hosting this event?

AnotherWay Now is a human rights organisation that hosts screening and discussion events to shine a spotlight on specific human rights. Our recent events have highlighted subjects including the death penalty, FGM/C, female safety and victim blaming, and education for girls. Our recent events have featured Richard Branson, Alex Crawford, Bonni Cohen, Maggie O’Kane and Lyse Doucet. Learn more and sign up for future events here.

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