WeAreVirtual, Helen Croydon

The session will include ideas, tips and best practices on raising your professional profile.

Helen will delve into:

  • What is the importance of having a strong personal brand/profile and what doors does it open?
  • Ways that professionals can look out for opportunities raise their profile.

They will cover four pillars:

  1. How to go about getting media coverage – including tips on finding opportunities, for example, looking at #journorequest on Twitter; coming up with a strong topical idea for an opinion article and how to find a publication which may accept contributor opinion articles.
  2. Getting onto TV, radio or podcasts – some ideas on where to find a fit.
  3. Raising your presence on social media – some do’s and don’ts of writing a bio
  4. Best practices of posting to be seen as a thought leader.

About Helen

Helen is founder of Thought Leadership PR, a former journalist and a three-time author. After a 15 year career in the media, which included working as a producer at ITN; writing for every UK newspaper from The Times to Metro; and commentating on TV and radio shows such as Sky News and Womans Hour, she switched her attention to helping others get into the media. Her business specialises in personal PR, helping c-suite executives, entrepreneurs, academics, authors and other public figures develop media-worthy ideas to become a revered commentator in their industry. She is also host of the The Media Insider Podcast, featuring interviews with editors and journalists on what makes a story.