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For some of us, anxiety is crippling. For others, it is more of a minor niggle from time to time. Whatever the degree, we all have some experience of anxiety.

But, most of us don’t know its roots or the ubiquitous place it has in the human psyche. Bringing insights from psychoanalysis, Gabriella will give you a new understanding of anxiety. You will learn ways to reduce it by managing it in yourself, your life and in the workplace and, through this, increasing wellbeing.


About Gabriella:

Gabriella Braun is the Director of Working Well, a specialist consultancy firm using psychoanalytic and systemic thinking to help leaders and teams. She has consulted to hundreds of clients including the British Library, RADA, Tate, NHS Trusts, and University of Cambridge. She holds a master’s degree in Consulting to Organisations: Psychoanalytic Approaches from the Tavistock Clinic and was a Principal Consultant in the Tavistock Consultancy Service. Her book, All That We Are: uncovering the hidden truths behind our behaviour at work, came out to critical acclaim last year.