WeAreVirtual, Sam Simister

Today in the UK there are 15.5 million women experiencing the menopause. Globally, by 2025, there will be 1 billion.

Whilst the menopause is a natural transition that half of the population will experience, it is a tragedy that it remains at best a difficult conversation and at its worst, can have life-shattering implications.

There are over 48 physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, but only three of them are well known. The landscape for solutions remains disparate and hard to navigate. But with women beginning to demand more menopause understanding and support from their employers and the brands they use, there is an imperative that needs to be met.

From personal experience coupled with compelling research, Sam Simister with her co-founder Heather Jackson, launched GenM, the menopause partner for brands, in early 2021. From a standing start, the collective is now over 50 members strong including giants such as M&S, The Royal Mail, Co-op, Clipper Logistics, Next, Boots, Holland & Barret as well as smaller organisations such as XX Equals, Hot Tea Mama and A Vogel.

GenM would like to see responsible brands and organisations represented across ALL sectors of industry. As the menopause partner for brands, Sam will highlight the opportunity for organisations to show responsible leadership by joining the Collective, normalising the conversation and driving change for millions.

In this session, Sam will discuss her work with GenM and will explore the shocking statistics on the menopause and perimenopause from GenM’s Invisibility Report that underpin their mission.

Sam will also explain why the menopause is more than a medical issue, a workplace issue, or a gender issue, but is actually a business opportunity. She will also reveal what we can all do to help normalise the conversation around the menopause.

Sam will share compelling data from her latest research along with the groundbreaking Invisibility Report, and the rationale behind the rapid success of GenM and will outline her plans and ambitions for its future.

About Sam:

Sam Simister brings competitive advantage to a business through a combination of unique core skills. Strategic business acumen, expert supply chain and scientific knowledge and a proven ability to create, negotiate and drive the blueprint for growth when big brands buy a founder-led one are examples of these.

Sam has extensive international experience with multi-national corporations, entrepreneurial companies and an own venture.

At 22 years old, Innocent is Europe’s No. 1 juice and smoothie brand (operating across EU & Asia with annual sales of £500m) and is embarking on a new chapter to drive growth in the healthy drinking sector across Europe and more widely. To enable this growth, Sam holds a newly created Board position to research, develop and deliver the in-year and future pipeline of innovation. The Future Development Role includes Global portfolio expansion for Innocent Drinks.

In addition to Sam’s Board role at Innocent she is the co-founder of GenM, the first of its kind Menopause Partner for Brands. Through Sam’s work at GenM, alongside co-founder Heather Jackson, the organisation is on course to drive real change through uniting responsible businesses who, looking to lead from the front to normalise the conversation, thereby breaking the taboo for millions of women and those experiencing the menopause, whether an employee or consumer.