Over the last year 29% of Facebook’s new hires into senior leadership roles have been women, according to figures released by the social media giant.

In addition, 9% of Facebook’s new hires in senior leadership roles were filled by Black candidates and 5% were Hispanic.

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However, the company’s efforts to diversify its largely white male workforce have not been as successful overall with only 4% of its US employees being Hispanic and 2% Black – the same as the two prior years. Previously Facebook’s workforce was made up of 55% men, which now stands at 52%. However, Facebook’s Asian employees went up from 36% to 38% this year.

In 2014 women were found to make up 31% of Facebook’s overall workforce, a figure that has risen slightly to 33%.

Two years ago, in a bid to increase the number of women and minority candidates, the social media giant said it would award its inhouse recruiters as part of a point system. Recruiters were awarded one point for every new hire considered a “diversity hire”, however this was later upped to 1.5 points. Last year Facebook increased this to two points for a minority hire. More points meant stronger performance reviews and potentially larger bonuses.

At the time Facebook said it wanted its workforce to better reflect the diversity of its 1.7 billion monthly users.

Facebook also recently released data from its voluntary sexual orientation and gender identity survey. Of the 61% of respondents, 7% identified as LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or asexual).