International Women's Day, Forward Ladies event

Griselda Togobo from FL will sit down with an award-winning business leader Lara Morgan to discuss her life and business post the pandemic.

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on women. Will the impact bring lasting positive change to women’s businesses and careers? The rise of remote working flexible working offers some hope for but what will the future of work look like for women?

Every year on March 8th, millions of women, men, and companies worldwide collectively celebrate women’s achievement whilst also reminding ourselves to keep working towards equality because, sadly, the world remains unjust for women.

Here at FL, it is International Women Day every day as we work all year round to support women’s causes.

So we are excited to continue sharing the stories, achievements and contributions of brilliant women, the trailblazers, the difficult ones, the non-conformists because these stories will help us change the narratives that fuel injustice towards women.

The theme for this year’s, International Women’s Day, is Choose to Challenge.

From our experience working with thousands of women, speaking up, using your voice, having choice and using that choice to challenge the status quo, can be a daunting ask for many women – young or old.

This is why communities like ours play a vital role in giving women the confidence and tools needed to seize opportunities to challenge the status quo.

Join us to inspire personal change, by accessing the connections, community and content that will help you keep breaking through your personal barriers.

Together, we will keep pushing the boundaries, challenging the status quo and supporting other women as we achieve our own goals.


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