Abhirami is a full stack software engineer within Cybersecurity and Tech Controls in JP Morgan Chase, working with a diverse and wide-range of technologies to develop customer-centric security solutions that tackle complex business problems.

Being fascinated with the constant evolution of technology that has been substantially impacting our day-to-day lives, Abhirami was keen to venture into this field. Consequently, she moved to United Kingdom to pursue her Master of Engineering in Computer Science after completing her high school in Dubai. She graduated with a First-Class degree from the University of Southampton.

At her university, Abhirami co-authored two academic papers, marking her first contributions to technology in the fields of Data Science and Web Accessibility. During her degree, she obtained hands-on experience in Machine Learning, Technology Consulting and Web Development through international internships with well-known technology firms in UK, UAE, and India.

Abhirami joined JP Morgan Chase in 2020, on the Technology Graduate Program. In her role, she develops innovative end-to-end technical solutions that enable different lines of business to produce secure applications which is in accordance with the firm’s technology policies and core risk management principles. Thus, through her role, she aids the firm in consolidating its position as an industry leader in the security, risk, and controls domain.

Outside of her day job, Abhirami also co-leads the Technology Graduate Program Committee where she is actively involved in organising numerous initiatives that bring together the emerging talent community and aid in their career development. In addition, Abhirami is also a part of the firm’s Women on the Move Events Committee where she is proactively engaged in planning and executing various initiatives to aid in empowerment of women in technology.