At school I was told that mathematics was not a field I should pursue.

I was told that women are not technically inclined and perhaps I should do something more creative instead. In 2017 I graduated from university with a degree in Mathematics and joined Penguin Random House’s (PRH) Data Science and Analytics team soon after.

Since then, my career within PRH has progressed along with my skills. I’ve expanded my understanding of what is possible with data science, and I’ve been able to put my skills to the test working on a variety of complex projects at all stages of the development cycle, working within the agile methodology to produce products that utilise machine learning, AI and statistics that offer support for business decisions.

I am passionate about creating data products that offer solutions to complex problems, while remaining as transparent as possible, to empower users to make data driven decisions. My hands on experience working in both Tableau and PBI to create suites of products that support this goal have led me to play a key role in our self-service initiatives increasing data usage within the company.

Working within the field of data science means I am always learning, and I love constantly advancing my knowledge and capabilities. I’ve had incredible learning opportunities to work with other data scientist, taking part in hackathons and investing time into courses to further my development. I am currently in the process of completing a level 7 certification in AI and Machine Learning and I look forward to being able to implement my new skills and ideas, and to share my knowledge with others.