About WeAreTechWomen

WeAreTechWomen was founded in 2015 to help women working in technology to maximise their potential.  

Over the past six years, WeAreTechWomen has helped thousands of women in tech enhance their careers through our events, conferences and awards. We have also worked with over 40 multi-sector corporate organisations helping them to attract, retain and develop their female tech talent. We have also provided over 5,000 women with the opportunities to up skill through our events and conferences, as well as highlighting the achievements of 350 future tech leaders through our TechWomen100 awards. WeAreTechWomen currently has a membership of 23,000 diverse female members women working across a multitude of industries and tech disciplines.

What’s our purpose

  • To contribute to an increase in women working in technology industry (currently 15 per cent)
  • To support our clients, helping them to attract, retain and develop their female tech talent
  • To raise the profile of women working in the industry through our awards
  • To upskill women working in tech through our events and conferences
  • To provide access to resources that will enhance the careers of women working in tech (eg job opportunities/networks/learning/volunteering)
  • To support initiatives that encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers
  • To support those women who wish to return to the tech industry
  • To encourage our members to give back and act as role models for the industry
  • To collaborate with other women in tech organisations and programmes, sharing their initiatives through our website and across our social media channels
  • To support women in tech not for profit organisations and charities

What we offer

  • A dedicated website for women working in technology. Through the website we provide access to resources such as women in tech networks, events, career articles, inspirational interviews, learning opportunities, returners programmes, volunteering opportunities and podcasts. The website is an aggregator, promoting not just our own initiatives, but the services of over 40 other organisations who are championing the progression of women in the tech industry.
  • Our annual women in tech conference, WeAreTechWomen. The conference attracts 600+ women every November and is supported by 15+ corporate sponsors.
  • Our TechWomen100 awards, which allows us to showcase the achievements of 100 future female leaders in tech below Director level.
  • Free promotion of Women in Tech initiatives for not-for-profits.
  • Promotion of Women in Tech initiatives, jobs, returnships, sponsorship opportunities and advertising campaigns for corporate organisations.
  • Coming soon: Our SheTalksTech podcast which will feature interviews with thought leaders, role models and tech experts. Research and thought leadership. An expansion of our conference and events to other parts of the UK.

Our legacy

  • To promote the achievements of 500 future female tech leaders by 2022 through our TechWomen 100 awards
  • To up skill 10,000 women in tech by 2025 through our women in tech events
  • To provide opportunities and visibility to other women in tech organisations and campaigns, enabling them to gain support through our client base and engagement through our community
  • To build a community of women in tech who give back to the industry by speaking in schools and encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers

WeAreTechWomen, are a signatory of both the Tech Talent Charter and TechSheCan.

To find out how you can get involved or sponsor any of our initiatives, please contact [email protected]