Aditi Bland

I was born in India. Growing up during the late 90’s, technology or IT was not a popular subject.

There were very few institutions that taught IT and it was not accepted or part of any school curriculum. Despite all the unavailabilities and disadvantages, I got myself certified as a software engineer, learning coding and building software. During my early years in the UK, it helped me to work as a programmer but I soon realised my passion lies with the design and UX side of the program. For the next 20 odd years I was a freelancer designing, developing and maintaining websites for clients. I had self taught myself every single aspect of HTML design and the scripts that comes with it. I am also very keen on digital accessibility and I make sure all my designs are correct to accessibility standards.

While looking after a young family and being a full time carer to my autistic son, I took every spare minute I could find to learn and keep up with emerging technology. My passion in technology has now inspired my children to pursue their career in IT.

I then joined Barclays, first in their Digital Marketing team for Barclaycard and then Barclays Digital Content Strategy and finally for Barclays’s Chief Security Office looking after all security and cyber incidents. My strong point I believe is the ability to “translate” tech talk to comprehensible language that someone not with a tech background will understand. I know how to bridge this divide and helps me in my current role helps me to mitigate issues around technology use and misuse.