In a remarkable gathering aimed at advancing women in the tech industry, over 370 attendees congregated in the heart of Central London for an impactful summit that transcended traditional boundaries. This pioneering event, dedicated to fostering inclusivity and progress in the tech world, brought together a diverse array of both female and male leaders who shared their expertise on crucial themes of intersectionality, bias, sponsorship, and allyship.

The summit, hosted by WeAreTechWomen and powered by EY, served as a beacon for change, welcoming luminaries from various tech-related fields to engage in dynamic discussions, enlightening Q&A sessions, and insightful presentations. With an additional online audience of over 350, the event transcended geographical limitations, creating a global dialogue on empowering women in tech sector.

At its core, the summit provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions on intersectionality, acknowledging the multifaceted identities and experiences that shape individuals in the tech industry. Participants explored the nuanced challenges faced by women from diverse backgrounds and strived to amplify their voices in the technology landscap

One of the pivotal focal points of the event revolved around addressing biases prevalent in the tech sector. Esteemed speakers shed light on implicit biases, promoting strategies to mitigate them and advocating for an inclusive workplace culture that embraces diversity.

Throughout the event, attendees were inspired, equipped, and motivated to drive change in their respective domains.

Moreover, discussions on sponsorship and allyship were instrumental in paving the way for meaningful change. Industry leaders shared insights on the importance of mentorship, sponsorship programs, and fostering supportive networks to propel the careers of women in technology. Allies—both male and female—were encouraged to play an active role in advocating for gender parity and creating environments that foster equal opportunities.

Notably, the summit wasn’t limited to discussions alone. An exhibition space dedicated to sponsors provided a unique opportunity for tech companies to showcase their commitment to diversity and innovation. The collaboration with small female-led businesses and not-for-profit tech organisations highlighted the summit’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and supporting initiatives aimed at social impact within the tech sphere.

Throughout the event, attendees were inspired, equipped, and motivated to drive change in their respective domains. The rich tapestry of insights, shared experiences, and collective determination underscored a resounding message: progress in technology is not merely about innovation but also about inclusivity and empowerment.

Over 12,681 connections were made

During the course of the day 12,681 connections were made using Blendology’s smart badges which facilitated networking over lunch and during the breaks.  There were also two sessions to facilitate connections including speed networking and speed mentoring. The summit also reached a staggering 32 million social media impressions – you can visit our X account for soundbites and interviews.

As the curtains drew on this transformative summit, the impact resonated far beyond the event’s physical and virtual boundaries. The conversations sparked and connections forged will undoubtedly continue to drive the momentum towards a more equitable and diverse tech industry—one that embraces the talent and contributions of women from all walks of life.

In the wake of this monumental gathering, the journey towards gender equality in technology has gained new momentum. The ripple effect of this summit will reverberate, influencing policies, shaping mindsets, and fostering a more inclusive landscape in the ever-evolving tech sphere.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, EY, Barclays, UBS, Visa, Merkle, BT, Simmons and Simmons, Natwest Group and Pega Systems for their support and to our incredible line of speakers for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with our audience.

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