With a passion for engineering, I have dedicated myself to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and contributing to the advancement of the field.

After I completing my Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering I worked as a software engineer with Infosys in India, where I gained valuable experience and won the Infrastructure management award in 2010. I embarked on a career break of 7 years after moving to UK in 2010, to prioritise my family’s growth, during this time I seized the opportunity to pursue MSC in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I was awarded a full scholarship, and I excelled academically and received accolades for my outstanding performance. I won academic achievers award and the best dissertation in the MSC cohort at University of Sheffield.

Returning to the workforce in 2018 after my career break, as a network engineer in BT I have leveraged my skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of various projects, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering innovative solutions.

Recognising the importance of embracing modern methodologies, I introduced a DevOps model and agile methodologies within my team, resulting in increased efficiency and collaboration. Moreover, I spearheaded initiatives to upskill non-coders BT enabling them to acquire coding skills in Python, further enhancing their capabilities and diversifying their skill sets.

Currently I am a Specialist Software Engineer and the lead a squad of developers, I am responsible for delivering business benefits to BT while ensuring the security, resilience, and efficiency of the UK’s national infrastructure. My work directly impacts 200 connections per second and serves 11 million customers, making a substantial impact on the daily lives of people across the country.

My commitment to professional growth is evident through my memberships with Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and gaining Chartered Engineering status from the Engineering Council UK. I am a member of the BT Tech Fellowship a vibrant community of 17,000 engineers and have been appointed as an Accomplished Engineer and project manager for the Steering Committee of the Tech Fellowship. These memberships have provided me with opportunities to build relationships outside of BT with vendors, academia and has giving access to the latest developments in the tech industry.

I am a STEM ambassador and have a strong desire to inspire and encourage young girls to pursue careers in technology. I firmly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry and strive to empower women around me who have an interest in tech or are seeking to return to STEM or switch careers. Through my mentorship roles as an IET mentor and a mentor for STEM returners, I provide guidance, support, and resources to help individuals navigate their professional journeys in tech.

My journey has been characterised by unwavering dedication, continuous learning, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I am not only passionate about my own growth but also about empowering others. I believe that my career trajectory and contributions will inspire others and I am committed to making a positive impact in the tech.