Ahsana Nabilah Choudhury

My taste of the technology world began during my teenage years, particularly the summer of 2010.

I loved literature, whether that was reading stories written by people across the globe on LiveJournal or publishing my own posts on WordPress. I loved the way one could connect with the power of words. When I was sixteen years old, I eventually moved to a blogging site called Tumblr. I was mesmerised by the creative freedom it provided its users and spent that summer teaching myself web design and how to code. I loved the strong balance of analytics and creativity it had, so I continued.

I immersed myself in whatever resources I could find, I primped my online space to the latest standards, and I showcased my creations to my friends for feedback. Eventually, I soon had a decision to make: what am I going to study at University? With many of my peers preparing to enter the lavish lair of Law, I chose Computing. It was creative, it was fun, it was what I grew up in. Ultimately, it felt like me. I graduated in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Computing from the University of Portsmouth, was the School of Computing Prize Winner for the Best Business Solutions Project out of the 200+ student body, and already had two years of industrial experience with BAE Systems whilst studying for my degree. Following graduation, I returned to BAE Systems to begin my full-time role as a Junior Business Solutions Developer and produced numerous business intelligence reporting applications. I then progressed to my current position at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Software Engineer and deliver end-to-end solutions looking after the global financial infrastructure.