Aimee Dunn

After graduating university with a 1st in my Maths BSc, I was approached by FDM Group – an international Professional Services group with a focus on IT. I spent some time with them learning the basics of a few different programming languages with the main emphasis on Java. I was then placed at National Grid in the Mobile App Development team, taking on different roles throughout the application lifecycle, including a fully immersed Project Coordinator role to deploy iPhones to over one thousand Engineers. My second role in National Grid was as a Junior Business Consultant which involved managing the strategy and funding for technology investment on behalf of several business areas in the gas distribution department. At the end of my contract with FDM, I was employed directly by National Grid, maintaining my role as a Junior Business Consultant.

When the gas distribution business split from the main National Grid Group, becoming Cadent Gas, I moved with the newly-formed Company and took on the role of Product Owner. I am fully responsible for a portfolio of products that are being developed in-house and I maintain the relationship between the business and the developers to ensure we build the most valuable products. I am also currently halfway through a distance learning Masters in Information Security as this is a particular area of interest for me and I would like to understand it more.