Alejandra Maldonado is a simulation engineer with more than ten years of experience in the automotive industry.

An enthusiastic supporter of female empowerment in STEM, she started her career in 2011 by working at the Mexican office of the American OEM Chrysler. Utilising simulation and mathematical models (Computer Aided Engineering [CAE]), Alejandra worked on several projects to optimise the design and reduce costs of chassis and suspension parts. For several years, she was the only female member of the high-skilled technical team. Alejandra developed training materials for her CAE team.

Later in her career, she moved to a Japanese automotive safety device company where she helped build a high-performance engineering team that provided solutions for the US office. During her time at Ford, Alejandra optimised parts and improved processes. Her cost-savings achievements for the next generation of vehicles brought recognition from the global engineering director. Currently, she works at Jaguar Land Rover in England as a simulation lifecycle management specialist. She is helping the company to make the simulation process more efficient and agile. Alejandra has mentored several female engineering students and inspired them to be more confident working in a male-dominated environment.