My career in Technology started in 2009 with a part time job in a call centre in my hometown – Brasov, Romania.

Later that year I moved to Budapest, Hungary where I started working for one of the outsourcing suppliers used by Oracle to provide technical support to their customers. 8 months later I became the quality control manager of my department and after another few months I was managing 2 customer support teams.

In 2011 I started working at Microsoft UK, overlookin quality of service in Europe. My role soon expanded to EMEA and a year later, to the rest of the world. During that time I was responsible for the launch of 5 new products and 7 support centres in countries like Egypt, Spain, Romania, Ireland and the US.

In 2013 I became a program manager so I can transform the customer experience from a Microsoft perspective. In this role I became fimiliar with the capabilities of technology to influence and improve the overall journey of a customer. The curiosity to learn more and gain expertise led me to Readiness Management and later on to Technical Sales for Business Appplications at Microsoft UK. At this point in my career I started supporting and contributing towards programs that focused on creating technology awarness for young girls or helping non-profit organisations overcome challenges and envision their digital and technological future.

In 2016 I moved to New York and became the first female architect to take on a Business Applications role in a technology centre. After work I took the role of President for a local capter of a non-profot organisation focused on building community events and support for women in comedy.

Earlier this year I returned to Microsoft UK as the Business Applications Architect for the UK Technology Centre.