Alice Genevois

I started my career as a Management consultant working in data.

I delivered a range of analytical projects for multiple large financial and insurance companies including digital insights, revenue optimisation, online servicing functionalities review and channel distribution improvements. I also drew strategic insight for those companies, focusing on marketing efficiency, acquisition performance and digital processes.

After a few years working as a consultant, I decided I wanted to be able to influence strategic decisions from the inside! I became a senior analyst, then a senior analytics manager at BT. There, my work was focused on analytics and change management. I designed and led a new measurement framework programme: testing control governance, fallow cell creation, trading shift to audience level, direct/linear reporting of campaigns, creation of BTL insight tools. I helped marketing to self-serve data, understand their campaigns & product performance and plan more accurately. Although leading the work I remained close to the coding in SQL and R.

I now work at Lloyds, having found a great opportunity a year ago to join the Chief Data Office Data Science team as a Team Product Owner.

I have led multiple successful projects for different parts of the organisation. Current use case aims to provide not only model output but also introduce new way of working for Marketing and Insurance & Wealth, leading a squad of 10 data scientists and engineers, acting as a project lead, scrum master and motivator! Additionally to my day to day role I am also leading strategic and problem-solving work on data science projects lifecycle concepts and deliverables, to improve efficiency of the team and reduce risk. New programme now in place for all 18 data science projects will deliver a faster route to value with reduced documentation required.