Alice Hendy

I lost my only sibling, my brother Josh, on the 25th November 2020 to suicide. Josh was 21 years of age.

My day job involves working in IT and Cyber Security, with experience in working for global financial institutions and insurance firms in the city of London.

After examining Josh’s phone and laptop following his death, I found that Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via internet searches, suicide forums and video tutorials. I discovered that the content available online following a search of this nature currently provides mental health support in one format; a helpline.

To ensure more help and support is given to individuals in mental health crisis and searching for harmful content online, I utilised my skillset in IT and Cyber Security to set up R;pple Suicide Prevention.

R;pple addresses the lack of intervention and instead provides an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. R;pple consists of a message of hope, as well as encouraging users to utilise a selection of mental health support resources in a range of different options (call, text, webchat, app, resources).

Now, R;pple is being rolled out across the UK by multinational banks, insurance companies and logistics companies to ensure that harmful online searches are intercepted and people in mental health crisis are redirected to the mental health support they deserve through innovative technology.