Currently I am the CMO at Launchmetrics (previously Fashion GPS). As Launchmetrics is the leading digital solutions provider for the fashion industry, I spearhead partnerships with some of the industry’s most important federations, top brands and PR agencies worldwide, supporting the growth of the global fashion community by leveraging big data and technology.

Before joining Launchmetrics, I oversaw Marketing & Communications at IMG Fashion where I worked on several of their largest fashion weeks, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, Berlin, Australia and Istanbul and was personally responsible for bringing their Fashion Week division (and most significantly, NYFW) from an analog event into the digital sphere. I oversaw the successful transformation of all shows in NYFW moving away from pen & paper and embracing digital event solutions. This then had a ripple effect that today has 80% of the major fashion shows worldwide using this technology to manage these high-profile events. Additionally, I worked for e-commerce authority, NET-A-PORTER.COM, where I was responsible for their corporate PR strategy as they expanded in the US and was really the voice of data & tech on the team comms team, focused on key stories related to shopping data & online innovations, such as the launch of netaportal, the companies online version of a communal dressing room as well as several internal projects to digitize the internal company workings. In my time there, my colleagues would certainly attest to my commitment to push a technology first mindset, even with the one fashionable (and tech adverse) team members.