I am the Product Director for myInsight – Deloitte Tax & Legal’s digital collaboration platform which intuitively unites knowledge and insight to streamline management of tax & legal engagements. I manage the myInsight Global Launch Team – responsible for the development and rollout of the myInsight platform.

I trained in Real Estate & Hospitality Tax Compliance & Consulting qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2003, before transitioning to Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting practice in 2010 to lead the setup of the iXBRL service offering. This project gave me experience in several key areas that have become central to my work in technology – building highly motivated teams, using technology to manage processes and managing the challenges of setting up an offshore team as well as my first taste of product management.

My family and I relocated to the USA from 2012 – 2015 based in Chicago. Here I got the opportunity of a lifetime – to create a new product from scratch. Starting from an idea on a sheet of paper, I built myInsight to be the technology which supports thousands of clients in their interactions with Deloitte Tax. Working with designers, developers, end users and leadership has taken me from Dallas to Barcelona and Brussels to Singapore – bringing a network of over 200 professionals together to create a product which is at the heart of Deloitte’s Tax & Legal Strategy.

My focus is now to continue to bring myInsight platform to our people and clients by understanding their unique problems and delivering solutions.