After completing an MSc in Emerging Media, a first-class thesis on the applications of augmented and virtual reality in cultural heritage settings and a prototype in Unity, I wanted to pursue a career at the intersection of technology and creativity. After spending a few years as a verbal strategist at a branding agency in Dublin, I applied to Deloitte Digital in Edinburgh. I am now employed as part of the Strategy and Design Scotland team, and have had the good fortune to work on a major digital transformation programme and learn from some of Deloitte’s brightest people. I began as a service designer across the customer experience workstream, helping to develop technology-enabled CX concepts. I then moved into a hybrid data, AI and social media role, and have for the moment settled in a product strategy role as part of the core digital workstream. In the future, I’m hoping to grow my career towards AR and VR technologies, and actively seek out opportunities both on and off project to expand my knowledge and skills both academically and practically.