I started with Barclays at the age of 16 as an office junior in a local branch. I thought I’d work there until I decided what I wanted to do with my career.. I must still be deciding!

After working over 35 years for the same company, I can only say, Barclays decided on my career… and me. I undertook various roles in the branch network before moving to Barclays Technology Centre at Radbroke Hall, and that was the start of my IT journey.
I have been able to build my network. I feel it’s a lot about who you know as much as what you know when conducting your day-to-day role. I worked with DPA and learnt about the regulatory aspects of data integrity and initiated improvements to link many of our systems and applications together.

I then chose to retrain to become a ‘techie’ as a systems analyst, in order to appreciate the IT world from the other perspective. Although I enhanced my knowledge in coding and system applications, I soon found that I missed the people part of my work and decided to go back to IT management.

The following years of my career were in service management, working with projects and technical design and implementation teams, to ensure new infrastructure and products were delivered successfully. There I realised that Service Management offered a vast array of roles, and I enjoyed the challenges and varied aspects therein. Designing, and documenting a service management framework, to address an audit finding, brought me to later roles in compliance and audit remediation. I loved shaping a service, making improvements, finding cost savings, and really delivering an improved service to our clients, year on year.

After a short time out of Barclays after voluntary redundancy to spend some time with my young daughter, I returned into a Risk and Compliance role, a totally different business area of technology. I drove remediation with technical teams, and was key to the delivery of three long outstanding Internal and External audit closures, receiving two Stewardship awards in the process. I was asked to move to support the design and delivery of a robust Vulnerability Release Management service, processes, and tools, which was a culmination overall of four and a half year’s work, and was successfully implemented across all business areas.

My current role is in Service Transition but the work I am really proud of at present, has been achieved by supporting our DE&I agenda. For the past 3 years or so, after finding a natural interest and passion on the topic of Menopause, I have been trying to fulfil my huge desire to help others going through the same life stage event, or supporting someone doing so, either within or external to our organisation.

I am the co-chair of the Win Women’s Health Menopause Working Group. Here, I have been driving work on a legacy for our company, by developing support, providing resources, and raising awareness on this taboo topic. My team of like-minded colleagues has been trying to fill this gap, where women at work didn’t know where to go for help, didn’t have any support either physically or emotionally and Barclays potentially could lose experienced, talented women, at the peak of their careers. This year we were nominated in the Barclays Citizenship and Diversity Awards and were delighted to be awarded one of the three finalists in our category of ‘Demonstrating Inclusive Leadership,’ chosen from more than 740 nominations and over 2,400 colleagues around the world.

My career in IT has been very extensive and I have enjoyed all my roles, but most of all, the people I have and do work with, are the underlying reason I enjoy work and have remained at Barclays for the whole of my career.