My background in technology stems from an early age.

As a child growing up in a village in Ireland, our family business was a garage so there were always tools and machines around to ‘play’ with. This obviously had a lasting impact on me when I went off to school as I had a natural love of maths. When it was time to choose a university course, I wanted to choose something different to all my friends who wanted to do accountancy or nursing or medicine. I wanted to study engineering and that’s what took me to the UK.

Having successfully completed my degree in Aeronautical Systems Engineering and Masters in Intelligent Machinery, I was delighted to start my first job in IT working on Advanced Mission Planning Application (AMPA) systems for defence, which was a lot like sat nav for aircraft long before sat nav’s became the norm.

After over 20 years working in Defence in various roles as well as a few years in the commercial sector. I worked my way up from developer to team leader, project manager, bid manager, Head of bids, program management, transformation management and then finally into Commercial management.

The pictures here show aspects of some of the projects I have worked on over the years – AMPA, which I have already mentioned. I also worked on Navy systems that were installed on the Royal Navy fleet including submarines. One of the projects I was involved with included changes to the Navy systems in preparation for the protection of the seas around the UK for the Olympics in 2012. These projects were always interesting as the rollout of upgrades had to be planned a long time in advance, some taking many years to complete. I also worked closely with technical teams designing solutions for police equipment and also designing logistics systems to support the new F35 fighter aircraft – which in itself presents many challenges with US Department of Defence and ITAR regulations.

These projects are a far cry from what I am supporting today with the States of Guernsey – an enterprise transformation program for their entire IT infrastructure, including supporting the COVID response (see next answer for details).

My career to date demonstrates that I am highly adaptable and driven to succeed. I have a professional and friendly approach, with a wide range of experience developed through a variety of roles including Partnership Commercial Director, Commercial Contracts Management, Program Management, Project Management, Bid Team Management, Bid Management, Organisation Transformation and Contract Negotiation. I particularly enjoy managing a varied and challenging workload, raising standards and building lasting working relationships across the business. I enjoy the challenge of taking on a project with full end to end responsibility.