I never thought I’d work in tech, but now I can’t imagine working in any other field.

I studied Zoology at university, which gave me a deep understanding of climate change and biodiversity, as well as a passion for sustainability, and the skillset suited to working with big data. From then on it was a straight trajectory into the world of Data Analytics, initially working alongside a small fashion consultancy and a start-up before arriving at my current role at Kaluza.

As I developed in these roles, I realised there were plenty of opportunities where the power and innovation of tech and values of sustainability meld. One of my first jobs was to build a custom carbon calculator for photo and video shoots to give brands more clarity over their emissions; this visibility then allows them to tailor a reductive or offsetting strategy faced around their needs and the goals of their business. While working with photographers, producers, and brands across the fashion industry, I became aware that the best way to translate this data was through the use of visual tools such as dashboards. To better develop my understanding of these tools, I then brought my passion for data visualisation to my current role and learnt how to use software such as Tableau and Google Data Studio. I love being able to translate trends and data into visual charts and graphs, impacting and guiding business decisions, which I find to be a powerful position where I can influence change.