After studying Maths & Computing at University, I aligned my love of technology with my love of Maths and started my career working on an IT Helpdesk at IBM. Shortly after I moved to Shell, which led to a 20 year successful career spanning many different roles, from Helpdesk manager, overseeing 200 analysts and recognising the importance of motivating teams, to Project manager and IT Manager working with the Shell Business to keep our Global Fuel stations connected and innovative. I have had some amazing role models through my career and realised that I needed to step up, leading the UK Women in IT Network for Shell through 2015-2016.

After having twins in 2016 (babies number 3&4), Shell asked me to relocate from Manchester to the head office in London. I was predicted to go to senior levels and invested many years in Shell which felt like family, however, sadly this was not possible, so in Dec 2017 I took redundancy. My plan was to take a year out, however I was soon speaking on Tech Panels, mentoring business startups and helping schools design STEM pathways – it became apparent that I missed working. I was encouraged to apply for a job at Microsoft, which I did & I got the job. I have no doubt that my blog and my facebook group ‘The Career Mum’ (which now has almost 3000 global members (I started it with 0 in Nov 2017)), that I created to support and empower women to reach their potential and put myself out there as a relatable, female role model in Tech, made me a much more interesting candidate.