Amanda Silvey

I started in Telecoms 20 years ago, starting as an Accenture Analyst and Trainee Java and C++ Programmer building the first web based electronic programme guides for a leading UK Telco, followed by stints in testing and configuration management activities and building incident management systems for other global Telcos.

As outsourcing became more prevalent I focused on operating model efficiency opportunities, offshoring transactional functions for clients and leading outsource units. Business change and transformation became my passion during my later years at Accenture, and leaving the consulting life in 2013 to join one of my clients, I have spent the last 7 years working predominantly in Operations and leading cross organisation business transformation activities. A founding member of the first Business Architecture Team, I went on to set up a cross business Operational Excellence Programme driving rigour and a fresh approach to quality management into the organisation. In 2017 I took on a new challenge in a different part of the organisation leading over 160 predominantly male Engineers in a 24/7 Network Operations environment. Taking a ‘customer led and people first’ approach I set out to transform my Network Operations Centre into a Service and Performance Management Centre with our millions of customers at its heart. The future for operations is now all about automation and real-time customer engagement in their experience, ultimately creating an experience where there is no need for complaints. I am excited to be leading talented teams on this next stage of our transformation journey.