Emerging tech advocate, I have been working with innovative entrepreneurs in France, USA and UK for the past 8 years. I am currently working in the blockchain space as community and events manager for Streamr, a promising young project empowering individuals and companies with their realtime data. I joined Streamr to structure the community and communication efforts and took part in the project’s product launch in NYC last May. Before that, I have been involved in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for 4 years. During this time, I participated in the creation of a co-working space and accelerator programme dedicated to VR/AR and co-founded the initiative Unfold UK to support all kind of diversity in immersive tech. Unfold’s objective was to help a wide range of founders and individuals to get access to events, networking, roles and speaking opportunities to shape a more representative industry while it is still evolving. Working in such a fast-changing environment motivates me to constantly learn and share my knowledge and passion with like-minded people. Even if Unfold is no longer active, I try to spread this mindset by getting involved in various other initiatives. Looking at the future, I have a deep interest in tech startup funding and spent the past year digging into the investment landscape, especially in emerging tech. As soon as I can, I try to introduce founders to talents or investors and share my thoughts with VCs exploring new tech fields.