Amina Aweis

From the age of 16, I grew my online presence through writing and storytelling which then led me to pursuing the creative industry after my A levels.

I initially started in marketing before switching to the film industry. After a while, I was drawn to the digital and tech space and wanted to explore it. In November 2018 I decided to learn to code and got into a codefirst girls bootcamp. 4 months later I secured my first tech role at BT as a software engineer. Since then I continued to learn and build up my skill set then at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to start a YouTube channel to document my journey and share tips and advice. What started off as a hobby and a way to express myself, took off and I was featured on YouTube’s official channel. I also discovered that my content became popular amongst the deaf and hard of hearing community as I focused on making my content accessible too. From there, I decided to learn more about web accessibility and with my background in web dev, I found myself really enjoying the learning and discovered a passion I wanted to pursue. In January 2021, I resigned from BT and secured my new and current role at Silktide in June. It’s been a whirlwind of a journey but the growth and development has been interesting to say the least. It’s also very satisfying to wake up to messages of people telling me about their own tech journey, being referenced in job applications, interviews and podcast. It’s a wonderful reminder of how important it is to be authentic to who you are.