Amy Orben

I completed my undergraduate at the University of Cambridge reading Natural Sciences in 2015, where I received a double first class degree and numerous awards. I started my degree wanting to become a physicist. However, I soon realised the great future potential of big data, and began concentrating my studies on applying this potential to psychology. I therefore started researching at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, working on a dataset of 8 million Facebook users.

I was offered a PhD (DPhil) position at the University of Oxford following my graduation from Cambridge. In 2015, I therefore become the PhD student of world-leading professors Robin Dunbar and Miles Hewstone. At that point, I started researching the impact of social media on human relationship formation full-time. Last year, I was then also appointed the youngest College Lecturer in Psychology at Oxford, being responsible for a large amount of teaching, undergraduate interviewing and pastoral support at The Queen’s College.

In addition to my academic work, I spend time as a science communicator. In the last half year, I have appeared on the BBC World Service Newshour Extra, advised productions of BBC Radio 4 and have analysed social media for local and national radio stations. I write articles for newspapers and have advisory roles in TV production and science outreach organisations.

While I am not strictly in the technology sector, I identify as someone working in tech. My research combines ‘traditional’ scientific methodology with innovative data analytics. Due to its methods and themes, my work is firmly rooted in the tech sector. For example, I am currently working on a collaboration with Facebook UX. Complementary to this, I am also a Co-Founder of a Recruitment Tech Start-up in London and advise Oxford-based ventures on how to integrate psychological principles into their tech products and UX.