Ana-Rosa Broster

STEM has always been a passion of mine. I was fortunate to attend a school that actively encouraged STEM and I studied Maths, Psychics and Spanish at A-Level. I went on to achieve a Bachelors of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering, Management and Spanish at the University of Nottingham followed by a postgraduate Masters in Technology Management at the University of Surrey.

After studying, I joined Nottingham City Council as an administrative assistant and 4 months later became IT Team leader of the Youth Offending team managing a small team. The role involved providing solutions and tracking technology issues.The opportunity arose to move to Spain to try living abroad for a period of time. We ended up staying 6 years and in that time I worked as a system analyst for Accenture – helping to deliver a project for a large pharmaceutical company migrating data from one Siebel system to another for 40 countries.My personal circumstances then changed when I had twin girls and we moved back to England to be closer to family. My primary goal at the time was to get a job that was close to home and through a friend found out about a job in a mobile payments company as a compliance officer. The role was new and gave me the chance to evolve it to become an integral part of the sales process for onboarding new clients.

Through this role I heard about a similar position opening up at O2. This is my current role as a payments product manager. Predominantly, I am involved in the compliance of premium rate services running on the O2 network but I have also worked on a platform migration and other issues related to the products. I am also part of the Women’s Network.