Anahita Mahmoudi

In 2012, Anahita started her career as an application consultant in Sogeti UK – Part of Capgemini, with a drive for design and innovation in the technology sector.

Anahita had shown exceptional performance in delivering Sogeti’s client engagements, and a strong contribution to internal company operations. Her approach to technology, customers and services had been perceived as a compelling combination during her time in Sogeti which made her the fastest promoted graduate to the role of Managing Consultant. She is now a digital consultant in Capgemini UK where she uses innovation to embrace change in the workplace and life. As a Digital Consultant for Capgemini, she mediates across client teams and people, who have conflicting information and opinions, to gain successful and positive outcomes for the client and Capgemini.

During her time in Capgemini, Anahita has created a training roadmap for junior talents within Digital Customer Experience, providing a viable route for advancement, particularly for women in a traditionally male-dominated environment. She also promotes cultural transformation using modern training and coaching methods.

Anahita discovered leadership at an early stage in her career, when she was involved in a youth leadership programme at St.Ethelburga Reconciliation and Peace, aiming to make an impact in the society which later on inspired her to start her coaching career as a young professional. In 2014, she was elected as the young talent of Sogeti Group in the UK and led a youth leadership initiative called ‘Meet The Future’, which was a calling for young employees from different backgrounds and roles to get involved in the company’s mission and introduce a new idea of leadership. In 2016, she was involved in The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, helping exceptional young people who want to transform lives. Her ethos and approach considers the potential and energy of the younger generations as they lead us in the transition from the present time to a new future world.

Anahita supports Capgemini recent partnership with Code Your Future, a not-for-profit developer course to create a Digital Academy, providing digital skills training and employment opportunities to refugees and others from disadvantaged backgrounds. Prior to joining this project, Anahita had co-founded Change the Future, a volunteer campaign to leverage technology to help educate displaced children in refugee camps.