Anastasia Petrova

It is a fact that women in technology are underrepresented, it is still very male dominated industry, and it is very difficult for women to progress in SW and other tech companies.

But it is also a proved fact that women are not less capable to code, to come with innovative solutions, to deliver implementation projects, to manage teams, than men.

It’s not only about passion to help other women, it is to educate senior leadership about the right role for the right person, and ensure that we have diverse pool of candidates when we hire or make promotion decisions. It is also about educating line managers about PDP and Career progression conversations they should have with their female employees to encourage women to progress if they want to, without being held back by the fact that you are woman, can be pregnant, have small kids, etc.

It is also about making sure we have enough senior female role models within organisation and outside. Developing internal programmes for young professionals, and retain female employees, and help them to progress.

I am a strong believer that diverse corporate culture helps to bring better solutions, develop better products, and build better relationships with the client when they see that we have women around the table at the strategic meetings.

And my biggest passion, where I find the strongest satisfaction is to work with high school female students through coaching and mentoring, encouraging them to pursue their passion in STEM subjects and not be scared to go into technology, and always aim higher.