Over a quarter of a century in fast-paced customer service, selling, designing, managing, and implementing installations. Yes, I’ve been up poles and down hole’s, never afraid to role my sleeves up and muck in. Strong advocate for getting females into engineering, mentoring via various step programmes, hosting career events, and getting into educational establishments to promote the female in the workplace.

Having a hidden disability, Dyscalculia and working with number’s constantly hasn’t been easy but like most things my career has developed around the difficulties encountered and certainly made me a stronger person to understand the constraints others face. I think that’s why I excel in people management as I support, coach, guide, and lead. Over the 25 years I have managed in excess of 500 people not including the contractors I have on special projects, I can honestly say I remember each and every one, but the ones that inspire me are the individuals who have gained promotion and stretched themselves. I’ve been invited to awards, events and after parties for individuals that have had achievements or accolades in their career, and I think – I helped you get there! I’ve had some of my proudest moments celebrating with others and that’s why I have nominated myself this time. My time to shine….