I am the founder and CEO of Proximistyle, a shopping app that lets you instantly discover fashion nearby. As a sole founder I have designed and built the solution myself, and have also successfully gotten over 50 of London’s leading brands on board, like Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Joseph, Anya Hindmarch and Ted Baker.

Prior to starting Proximistyle I worked as a quantitative developer in the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund, Man AHL, where I worked on trading systems, big data pipelines and led major projects.

Before joining the financial buy side, I worked in FX technology for Morgan Stanley, and before banking I did IPv6 development at Cisco.

During my time at university I worked at companies like Google and Opera Software, and before university I volunteered as a technology journalist for an online technology magazine.

I have always been incredibly passionate about technology and the ways it opens up entire new worlds of possibilities for both efficiency and entertainment. I am very happy programming is now being taught in schools. I truly believe it’s a core skill, on the same lines as knowing Maths or English. It is the perfect mix of boundless creativity and engineering, which is why I love it.