Angelica is a Manager in AI Consulting at KPMG.

She is a Certified Data Analyst & Data Scientist with the Analytics Institute of Ireland, with five years Financial Services experience. Having worked in Fund Management, Mortgages and Anti Money Laundering she decided to pursue a career in Data Analytics with the Bank of Ireland Group Data & Analytics Office.

Completing the Institute of Banking Professional Diploma in Banking, Operations and Digital gave her a good grounding in understanding value and how data can be used to enable decision making in financial institutions.

Angelica maintains a focus on developing her technical skills to enable herself to contribute to the data and analytics industry through becoming a Teradata Database Certified Associate, Certified IBM Applied Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Specialist, Certified TensorFlow Developer, Big Data Analysis with SQL Specialist and a Tableau Desktop Specialist.

She was a finalist in the 2019 Women in Tech Awards and 2021 Women in IT awards. She also won the Accountable Individual award at the 2020 Bank of Ireland Recognition awards which is awarded to someone who challenges the bank to look for new and simplified ways to efficiently deliver the best solutions for their customers.

Angelica encourages others to pursue a career and upskill in Data Analytics through presenting at the Data Science Festival, Krisolis and mentoring at CoderDojo. Angelica recently graduated from Google’s European Women Developer Academy and taught the She Loves Data TIBCO Spotfire Dashboard Foundations Programme. She is now the co-lead of the UK & Ireland chapter of She Loves Data, a social enterprise that inspires women to become active contributors to an increasingly data-driven world.

Angelica started her Analytics career in Bank of Ireland where she secured a place on BoI’s two-year graduate rotation programme working in core business areas of the Bank including mortgages, fraud and anti-money laundering. This was at a time when the organisation was undergoing a transformation of its technology base and business model.

During her second role at Bank of Ireland, as a Senior Data Analyst, Angelica delivered value-prioritised analytics projects in a scrum team over three-week sprints on behalf of internal customers in the Advanced Analytics and Data Management teams. She contributed to the 2019 target of €10M data value realisation by maintaining and connecting networks in the bank to understand and explore opportunities through making big data work, enabling Bank of Ireland to become data driven. She automated and put into production, cumbersome excel reports to self-serving real time visualisations using SQL and Tableau for internal stakeholders. Angelica also described and communicated complex technical issues in a clear non-technical way to the stakeholders.

Angelica has applied machine learning algorithms, such as unsupervised clustering with the Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Model and Anomaly Detection with Cloudera Apache Spark to identify out of course customer activity. She asserted clear risk awareness by taking a conscientious approach to customer data based on GDPR and BCBS239 regulation standards.

In KPMG Angelica worked with two major Irish Banks with the transfer of €4.2 billion of performing corporate and commercial loans. Tasks included providing data insights and preparing the data requirements for the loan book’s data migration using MSSQL. During the data requirements phase Angelica assisted with numerous workshops with the clients to determine the required data fields for onboarding customers.