Anisha Osman Britton

Anisah Osman Britton decided she wasn’t going to try for a place at Oxbridge (oxford/Cambridge), and instead was going to intern at businesses around the world with the goal of doing something “businessy”.

Since then, she has been part of the tech scene for 5 years which began with her starting a company at 19. This was a student freelance company called Pocketmuni that won her the title of Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the IPA and took her to number 10 as part of the Start Up Games in 2012. This is when she began teaching herself how to code. After losing her developer, she understood the importance of understanding the possibilities, your IP, and being able to have conversations within the tech scene at an appropriate level.

She then went on to work for The Bakery, an open innovation accelerator, working with some of the best and upcoming start ups and the world’s biggest brands. After seeing the inequality, lack of diversity and need to have more women have a technical understanding, Anisah founded 23 Code Street.

23 Code Street is a coding school for women based in London. For every paying student in the UK, they teach digital skills to a woman in the slums of Mumbai.

Anisah believes diversity breeds inclusive and accessible innovation. With a workforce that represents our society, we will build for everyone.

She is a big believer that learning how to code doesn’t mean you have to, or want to, become a developer and that we need to educate on the opportunities and possibilities that tech skills bring in other industries and jobs.