As I left sixth form, I was intending to study medicine and become a doctor. This soon was not the case as I wasn’t able to get a place in medicine. I instead studied Chemistry, with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Manchester. I really enjoyed this and eventually did a masters in Chemistry however, I knew that chemistry was not the right career path for me.

During my masters I started to explore alternative options by attending internships such as the internships with bright network where I attended both the technology and consulting workstream. This really inspired me to what to learn more about technology and the corporate world. I therefore decided to upskill myself so that when the opportunity came, I am able to work in technology came. I therefore did a masters in computational chemistry where I learnt about simulations of molecules and by coding ran these simulations on linux. I also chose a MatLab option module which enabled me to gain skills in coding during my master degree. Outside of university, signed up to a course with ‘Code First Girls’ where I had an introduction and learnt about the basics of how the Python language worked. (I liked it much better than MatLab). Aligning my university studies and doing additional studying helped build a network in which I was able to discuss potential career options. This was where I learnt about PwC and all the other big corporate companies (these were all unknown to me before this and I wished I’d known beforehand!) I therefore started to apply to technology related roles to ‘see how it goes’, at the end I ended up with two offers: Software Engineering at Accenture and Technology Consulting at PwC (my current role).

At the time, I had to make a decision on which role I wanted to go for. These were both very different roles leading to very different careers . I have not had any hands on experience with either roles prior to this which therefore made it more difficult. In the end I chose to accept the role as a Tech consultant. This was because I really enjoy the social aspect of this role. I think of myself as a sociable, confident and outgoing person who is energised from speaking to people. Looking back I am very glad I chose this as I am currently nearly 2 years into this role and thoroughly enjoy it!