Anja Pilav

I have been working in technology for the last 5 years in my role as a Lead Systems Analyst at TPP.

After graduating with a Masters from the University of York in 2014, I joined TPP despite having no background in either technology or healthcare. TPP as a company supplies the electronic medical record software used by over 7000 NHS organisations across GP practices, hospitals and numerous other settings.

My first project at TPP was as part of a team designing a system for use in a number of health centres in China. This was one of the first international deployments the company had undertaken and my role was to ensure that the technology we supplied to doctors and nurses was fit for purpose. I had great opportunities to travel and to really understand how healthcare was delivered in China. I was also on the ground during TPP’s first deployment in the Middle East.

In more recent years, I have led the system design on two of the largest NHS contracts in the UK; the GP IT contract and the Health and Justice contract for all prisons in England. This has involved liaising with NHS central bodies, engaging with thousands of our users and designing systems that hold the healthcare records of over 50 million patients in the UK. As the company has also started looking at Machine Learning, I have led the Analyst team on how we approach different problems and can apply AI to healthcare challenges globally.

What really interests me and why I love working in technology is seeing the impact the work I do has on thousands of staff across healthcare and how it improves patient care. I have presented at Ministerial level to governments in different parts of the world and am intrigued by the common challenges that tech can play a part in to improve healthcare systems. During the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have seen the importance of technology in healthcare, and to work on projects such as developing video consultations and the national Shielded Patient Lists has been both challenging and rewarding.