My career journey exemplifies my dedication to embracing technology and the opportunities it presents. From transitioning from law to technology to pursuing advanced education in the field, I have demonstrated my passion and commitment to the booming field of Fintech.

Motivated by my newfound passion, I made the bold decision to pivot my career and delve into the realm of technology. I enrolled in the MSc Digital Business Enterprise Management program, where I immersed myself in a wide range of technological concepts, including data analytics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, AI, and blockchain. These explorations further fueled my passion and prepared me for a career in technology.

In addition to my academic achievements, I actively sought practical experiences to enhance my skills and contribute to the tech industry. Participating in a technology competition, I presented innovative ideas centered around blockchain utilization, smart contracts, enhanced data security, and facial recognition for identity verification. These experiences showcased my competence and commitment to leveraging technology for positive change. Furthermore, my team’s achievement as top 5 finalists in Fintech Hackathons provided me with valuable hands-on experiences and industry exposure.

To further bolster my technical expertise, I seized the opportunity to enroll in a 4-month intensive software engineer nano degree course, generously sponsored by Zopa Bank Ltd and hosted by Code First Girls. This exceptional program equipped me with proficiency in Python and SQL, enabling me to pursue a career as a software engineer.

Since joining Zopa Bank Ltd, I have actively contributed to the development and successful launch of new savings products, such as the Cash ISA Access and Fixed Term savings account. Collaborating with a small team of engineers, I played a significant role in building these products within a remarkable timeframe of less than 9 months. This experience showcased my dedication, adaptability, and passion for creating impactful solutions within the Fintech industry.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I actively engage with technology on a personal level. During my free time, I explore UI design, brainstorm innovative Fintech ideas, and develop prototypes for my personal project, called Cratos, a rewarding, fun, and interactive money app aimed at maximizing savings and improving social lives. Additionally, as a lead instructor with Code First Girls, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering other women to pursue their passions in technology.

I am deeply committed to my personal growth and strive to make a positive impact within the tech industry.