Anna Bilan

In 2016 I’ve graduated from University of Bristol with a degree in Economics and Management, I didn’t do a degree in computer science as people kept telling me that I won’t make it in Tech, that I am not enough mathematically inclined and programming is not a place for a woman.

Out of 140 work applications for graduate roles, only one was IT related with thousands of applicants per place. I couldn’t believe my luck when I received a job offer from System Engineering at Deloitte UK.

I joined Deloitte as a Test Analyst and worked on fascinating transformation projects delivering quality assurance in the financial and public sectors over last 5 years. In 2017 I volunteered to lead the research and design of test approach for non-deterministic systems, as AI, ML and robotics were becoming more and more popular among our clients. With support of our senior leadership I’ve pulled together a research team. We did not have any classical training in data science, but we were passionate and excited.

It was a difficult but very rewarding journey. We were in the first 4 people in the word to get certified in AI & Software Testing foundation, we attended multiple conferences and met so many amazing programmers. In 2019 2 years, hundreds of hours and dozens of academic papers later we pulled together our final documents. We merged our testing expertise, AI research and data scientists network advice into our own test approach for non-deterministic systems, which did not yet exist on the market.

Today my team and I advise multiple projects on risks surrounding ML systems delivery and our test approach serves Deloitte Quality and Test Engineering practice as AI Test proposition to clients. In line with my day to day job as Senior Software Tester, I also contribute towards industry development as a member of the British Standards Institute on the ART1 Artificial Intelligence committee and ISO AI standards work group (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42/WG 3 “Trustworthiness”).