I am an experienced change practitioner, with four years of experience across both the London Markets Insurance sector and global banking operations. I am passionate about the people agenda and have proven my ability to successfully embed change initiatives to enable the delivery of technology and data transformation. Whilst doing this, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering a culture of innovation through encouraging accessibility requirements. I am consistently delivering impactful results in the pursuit of transformative change.

I joined the management consulting graduate scheme at Accenture in September 2018 after completing a degree in Law and Masters in International Business and Behavioural Economics at the University of Exeter. Since working, I have specialised in people-centred digital transformation, supporting clients across our Insurance and Banking Sector. I moved to PwC in November 2021 in order to learn from their breadth of experience and understand how the Risk, Tax and Assurance business can support our delivery to clients. Since joining, I have been promoted to Manager where my primary focus has been on driving human-led technology driven transformation for our Insurance clients.

In my recent work, I have been responsible for leading critical components of our clients’ people technology agenda. Notably, I successfully delivered our organisation’s inaugural Data Target Operating Model and pioneered the implementation of a groundbreaking Data Mesh framework. I am currently leading the change management activities for our first workday deployment for priority clients. This pivotal project allows me to demonstrate my ability to lead transformational change initiatives and deliver impactful results for our valued clients. Throughout these endeavours, I emphasised the importance of cultivating a data-driven culture and fostering data literacy within the organisation. By championing these initiatives, I empowered individuals to harness the power of data and leverage it as a strategic asset.

In all of my roles, I am deeply committed to embedding innovative change solutions for our insurance clients, fostering a culture of sustainable adoption of technology. By leveraging my expertise in change management and technology, I collaborate closely with our insurance clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, I design and implement tailored change initiatives that drive successful adoption of technology solutions and have worked with numerous cloud-providers. Furthermore, I have obtained my Scaled Agile (SAFe) Programme Consultant qualification to complement my existing change management skill set after identifying the movement of our clients’ ways of working for technology implementation. By incorporating Agile methodologies into my change management practices, I am able to integrate seamlessly into our technology delivery to ensure adoption is at the forefront elevating our client’s ability to drive successful and sustainable change in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. I champion a holistic approach that considers both technical and human factors, ensuring that end-users are engaged, empowered, and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to embrace technological advancements.