Anna Frankowska is the CEO of Nightset, and has been named in Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 in Technology for 2017.

Originally from Poland, Anna fell in love with London’s rich and diverse nightlife world while studying at UCL, where she graduated with a BSc in Economics.

It was then that she spotted a crucial gap in the market for a comprehensive tool, which combines the best aspects of multiple social platforms in one, cohesive virtual space, to rejuvenate and streamline the nightlife experience for people and club owners.

To master the key areas necessary to realise her dreams, the hands-on entrepreneur worked as a Graduate Analyst in Markets and International Banking with RBS, learning the arts of investment banking, business restructuring and raising investment.

How does it feel to be part of Forbes’ 30 under 30?

I’m completely thrilled. To receive this recognition and acknowledgement that Nightset is one to watch has been so fulfilling. In terms of opening doors, being part of the Forbes’ list has given me a worldwide audience, access and approval in the technology sector and the opportunity to disrupt the marketplace. It’s given the company so much credibility and I’m so grateful.

I’m now part of an elite group of individuals who are just trying to make the world a better place!

How does the app work?

Nightset is a marketplace that connects party people to all the social events in their area, giving them all the key information they need to know. It connects people finishing work to venues in that area so they can network, socialise and have fun! The app also has a dating aspect to it, whereby you can discover other singles in the same or nearby venues! It adds a new dimension to the app and has completely changed the dating scene. Now meeting someone can be raw, in the moment, tying into Nightset’s brand message; ‘Live for the moment!’.

Empower yourself by blocking anything negative out and play up to your strengths as a woman.

Have you faced any challenges or stigma as a businesswoman?

There’s been some questions raised regarding my gender and running a business, but for the most part, the business world has been very professional and empowering. In truth, If I have experienced any stigma, I’ve completely ignored it. Empower yourself by blocking anything negative out and play up to your strengths as a woman. The more we begin to not see or feel something negative, the quicker it will go away.

How important to you is networking and how critical is it for your business?

Networking has been key to Nightset’s accomplishments and I would seriously encourage any business owner to get out there and build their connections! Business has never been about working alone, and you can gain so much knowledge, advice and support from being physically out there with your product. I’ve received some pretty big investments thanks to networking, so I can’t reiterate it’s importance enough.

Nightset works perfectly as a way to network your business as if you are keen to get out and meet other like-minded individuals, the app will show you where to go! It will expand your social networks and I have future plans to make the app more functional for professionals.

How much input did you have in developing the app?

My brother, who is the co-founder of Nightset, took the lead on the app development, whilst I took over on networking, marketing etc. It’s imperative to have a tech co-founder because social media, apps and digital are the future of businesses. But I’ve been there from day one, overseeing the app and it’s development.

What’s your background and how invaluable has it been for your business?

I have a background in investment banking and that really taught me so much about business. I would move into different sectors of the company to learn each different part. How to raise funding, what makes a business attractive, grasping the language of investment. In the end, my background made me a credible candidate for investment because I learned so much from each department. I really recommend taking the steps to learn the language of business inside out. Knowledge is key.

What advice would you give women wanting to start their own company?

I’d say to actually do it. Be passionate about your product and believe in it’s success beyond any doubt. There’s no risk in following a passion. Keep asking questions because you can never know too much. Continue to empower yourself, tell yourself that your dreams are achievable because they are. Don’t be scared, be open to the challenge.

Plans for the future of the app?

World domination! I’d love to have the app in every city. It’s so important in today’s economy to have an important ambassador for nightlife, keeping it alive and making sure it’s beneficial for everyone.

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