Anna Leszek

My academic background is in Business Analytics. I completed a master’s degree from the Warwick Business School where I learned about statistics, machine learning, and coding.

I have completed my master’s thesis using survival analysis and text mining methods and got a first! This fuelled my ambition to discover more about software development principles in the Tech industry.

My primary focus is a project that aims to directly improve Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s processes by introducing new functionality to address customer needs and requirements. Furthermore, by conducting the root cause analysis, then finding a technical solution to resolve defective behaviour, using Agile techniques. I challenge myself on daily basis and extend my understanding of the technical procedures within Software Development and DevOps areas, systems, tools, and how all these parts fit together, where exactly they overlap and how they interact with each other. That has been a very rewarding experience thanks to wonderful and highly knowledgeable people that I had a chance to collaborate with.

I am also thrilled and truly proud to have initiated and to be leading the Atos ‘Attune’ project. This project is part of a new initiative that strives to support the workforce management team by increasing the efficiency of resource allocation and to ensure the fulfilment of employees’ aspirations. It is a pure joy and a lot of satisfaction to develop new practical leadership skills and work alongside very inspiring people. My team and I work on developing the database with a user-friendly front-end.

I have also been involved with a number of other initiatives which include creating the training plan for new Atos graduates that was based on my cohort’s experience and personal judgment while supporting them throughout. I am a part of the “Buddy” program, being the first point of contact for one of the graduates regarding questions about the company, all our processes, and work culture.