My career in technology started straight after university. Although I graduated with a degree in Economics and Management, applying for a job in tech was the best decision I could have ever made as it brought my work and hobby together.

For the last 7 years, I’ve worked as a software quality engineer. I started as a graduate test analyst and worked on transformation projects as a manual tester and test lead for banking, wealth management, and public sectors, delivering platform implementations that change the user experience for thousands of people.

Currently, I work as a test manager on a public sector program implementing Azure technologies across a whole government department, where I am specialising in AI quality assurance. Over the years, my job evolved into a supporting role for large teams, mentoring and providing an outlook on software quality practices and risk assessments.

Artificial Intelligence was a big part of my life long before recent highlights in media. Since 2018 I’ve been developing a team of testers specialising in AI and Machine Learning quality assurance. I’ve developed one of the first in the industry holistic AI testing approaches and participated in AI standard development with ISO and British Standards Institute. Understanding the data, risks, and quality aspects of AI became my specialisation and passion.